The unspoken feelings

Jakarta, April 2017

It was a rainy night. In the corner of a sleepless city, a girl was standing on her balcony, thinking.

There was no single star in the night sky. But she believed when the rain’s over, the stars and the moon will come out soon, and it’ll be a beautiful night.

She closed her eyes, and the memory from years ago was coming back. She did everything that was expected from her. She wants nothing but making everyone proud of her.

But outside of being a sweet little girl, her life was far from perfect. It was full of tragedies and terrible memories of anger, failures, pains, and fears.

The endless emptiness she felt from the first day her heart was broken into pieces. Her scars have made her forever incomplete.

She is stuck in a world where everybody is looking at the same thing and thinking in the same way.

Told her the world inside their mind, a world full of certainty. I told her that she is crazy for wanting the things that she cannot see.

She believed that life is an adventure and her world is so much bigger than what she has been told from time to time. She believed that dreams, faith, and hope will take her somewhere further beyond their definition.

Every day of her life she spent adoring the sun, the moon, the green grass up on the hill, the sea, the sand, the river, the magical moments at the time she sees them, touches them, and feels them. Her life suddenly didn’t seem so absurd.
She began to step into the wilderness and went into the unknown. Seeking the dark mysterious secrets of the world.

She saw life as a paradise and the world as a jungle where she refused to be caged in people’s minds.

Life is rich and full of stories, she said.

At the end of the day, her eyes are no longer glued in tears. She finally finds the magic of nature that is able to heal her broken heart. A broken heart that she kept for herself for a long time.

Published by Angky Ridayana

A sun seeker and a story teller.

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