Letter to Dad



I love when he picked me up on the station

And rang me over more than 10 times

To ask me which station I just passed.


I love the smell of the fabric softener

He put when washing my clothes

After a long long journey


I love listening to his radio

On Sunday morning

With the same 70’s songs

That keeps on repeating


I love how he made

A special room for me,

Painted with my favorite color

And sleep in it.

Whenever I’m away

And he misses me


I love his cheesy text

I love you,

I need you,

I miss you.


I love when sometimes

He said

He misses mom


As much as I hate how he ruined

The idea of there’s a loyal man in the world.

I love that all the mess he made

leads me to an amazing journey I would never take

If I wasn’t a girl who had her heartbroken

By her own dad.





Published by Angky Ridayana

A sun seeker and a story teller.

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