I understand

To you, the bully.

I understand.

You might never know how it feels to lose faith in life yet all you want to do is fight for your dream alone with the last power you have and no dime.

Cause you might never have a dream big enough to fight for.

So all you could do is criticize mine, making it look small, so you could feel bigger.

But I do.

So I understand

You might never know how it feels to lose everything you have and need to build your life from zero to your own hero.

Since I’m not sure that you know how it feels to sit on the top of the world. So all you can do is judge me from down below.

But I do.

And I understand.

You might never know how it feels to love someone unconditionally. Someone you’ll do everything you could just to see them smile.

Because I’m not sure you know what love is. Having someone next to you and screaming to people that I am nothing doesn’t make you know how to love.

Loving someone takes courage honey, and I’m not sure that you have it. Cause all I can see in you is a man with his big ego hiding behind his masculinity demanding to be loved unconditionally without wanting to do the same. Afraid to get your heart broken from loving those girls who know their worth.

It’s true that I’ve been broken a lot of times in my life lately, but at least I dared to dream and to love people correctly with every beat of my heart. And dared to get my heart broken and heal it.

And I feel sorry for you.

I do


Dear You.

I hope someday.. you have the chance to see more of the world.

I hope one of these days you meet more people because they’re awesome

I hope when we meet again, you’ll be brave enough to dream.

Above all this

I wish you love.

But before that happens.

I just want to say

I understand.

Published by Angky Ridayana

A sun seeker and a story teller.

4 thoughts on “I understand

  1. Semakin tinggi pohon tumbuh, semakin kencang pula angin menerpa. Matur suksma ki, untuk mengingatkan bahwa kritikan kita pada oranglain kadang topeng saja karena kita tidak puas dengan hidup kita sendiri. Atau, sesederhana tidak tahu artinya berjuang. Stay strong and keep inspiring! Sending you a big hug from Bornoe. Love, Mona.

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  2. There are 2 types of people. The first one would be the person that dare to dream big and make it happen, and the other one only sits and criticizing. Like you said, they might never have a dream big enough to fight for. Semangat bu. We might have been bullied, cheated, or the worst thing adalah dimanfaatkan, but it surely shaped us.

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