To you, my favorite poison.

It was a sunny November

not a winter

neither summer

I met you on 14th

At the airport

walking in the middle of the crowd

To me

And only me

My head full of the same noises

I’ve been hearing for the past 6 months


Begging me to leave

But this time

I couldn’t hear a damn thing

Cause I was too busy being intoxicated

 with your presence

I saw the ending 

As it all begins

But look at me,

Walking straight to hell anyway.

It was an absolute perfection

That turned to be 

A total disaster

I was either in love,

Or insane.

I was so desperate to feel

As I was ready to push my own self-destruct button

I met you on 14th

I let you walked to me

As I whispered to your ear

Shall we begin?

to love each other until we hate each other?

Published by Angky Ridayana

A sun seeker and a story teller.

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