Just yesterday

Just yesterday, purple pink sky was smiling on me on the strange place far from the place i came from

Just yesterday, a stranger made me laugh until my stomach hurt in the dining table away from home

Just yesterday, the coldest ocean water with the warmest sun convinced me that I finally belong.

Just yesterday, I felt so much joy and love and nothing felt wrong.

And it took you five whole seconds to break me down

Back to the square one

Wondering what have I done?

to deserve this.

And It took me thousand stairs, thousand mountains, thousand loves from complete strangers to help me heal.

But at least this time I know.

Each time you made me feel small, i have everything i need

To pick every single piece of me that you break, on every road i take.

All the strengths, all the loves that I couldn’t see before.

Just yesterday, you made me feel me so powerless.

But just today, I know that i am the opposite of everything you made me believed

I am the kindness and the happiness.

I am forgiveness and fearless.

I am everything, but worthless.

P.s: To my friend Rika, you are loved.

Published by Angky Ridayana

A sun seeker and a story teller.

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