The river

I was driving south to Antalya

Passing down the busy roads and empty hills

Out of the sudden

I found a river

With a turquoise-blue stream burbles as it travels through the forest

The branches of the trees were dancing with the wind

The limestones were giggling on each step I took

Purple pink sky was smiling above me

The water is both deep and shallow

The complete silence of the wilderness 

washed away all the thoughts about the world

The pain and the hurt, the terror and the abuse

The loneliness and worthlessness 

The liars and the cheaters

The traitors and the backstabbers

All disappeared

I want to be bury here

In a small meadow in the woods

Lay my head down and close my eyes forever

In a place hidden far away

Under the pine trees where i feel

Safe and sound

Where I can forget 

The tender life 

I never had 

Where I can finally tell my depression

I don’t want to fight anymore

You win. 

Published by Angky Ridayana

A sun seeker and a story teller.

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