The river

I was driving south to Antalya Passing down the busy roads and empty hills Out of the sudden I found a river With a turquoise-blue stream burbles as it travels through the forest The branches of the trees were dancing with the wind The limestones were giggling on each step I took Purple pink skyContinue reading “The river”

To you, my favorite poison.

It was a sunny November not a winter neither summer I met you on 14th At the airport walking in the middle of the crowd To me And only me My head full of the same noises I’ve been hearing for the past 6 months Screaming,  Begging me to leave But this time I couldn’tContinue reading “To you, my favorite poison.”


Jakarta, 00.57Aku ingat,ketika kali pertama pergi merantau,meninggalkan tempat yang kusebut rumahkamu, dia dan mereka, pergi mengantaraku lalu terisakseolah tak akan bertemu lagi kamu pun sebentar lagi akan pergi,berkelana menjadi pemburumemburu mimpi-mimpi dan omong kosong yang sering kita bicarakan di sudut kota kecil inikota yang tak lama lagi hanya akan menjadi tempat singgahketika lelah dan hampirContinue reading “Merantau”

Would you? (Quebec, Canada)

Would you believe that I’m a bad girl if your friend said so? Would you be mad if I told you to stop telling people that someday I will change for you? Would you hate me if I chose something different from everybody else? Would you forgive me if I made mistakes like you do cause I’m onlyContinue reading “Would you? (Quebec, Canada)”